This is tactic best used when enemy greatly overpowers you and sends huge army in one attack, described in steps:

  1. When you see that attack is close to hit (as mentioned in another defence tactic this is done to make sure that enemy wont notice anything) burn down all food and gold production building (grain field, hunter, hunters hut, markeplace etc)
  2. Move all gold and food out of city
  3. Cast ceremonies, celebrations, sacrifices at the max level (these spells reduce resource production)
  4. After enemy takes your city cast all curse spells you have (gloominess, grasshoopers, hurricane etc)

Note: using this tactic requires to have a lot of trademan for moving all resources out of the city, also this tactic is not effective if enemy is very close

All the steps described above will send village in riot so enemy wont be able to move units out of village (and they will also slowly die out)