Level Sciences By Level
0 Culture of Hobbits Culture of Humans Culture of Elves Culutre of Dwarves Culture of Orcs
5 Battering Rams
6 Attack Tatics - Brave Diplomacy - Military Alliance Slavery Sensible Management Sacrifices Gold Chest Watchmen
7 Defence Tactic - Guerilla Guilds

Hobbit Management


Trade Negotiations
8 Civilization Culinarism Element - Air Element - Fire Element - Earth Element - Water Guild Festivals Scorched earth policy

Attack tactics

Careful attack

Hobbit Management - Captain of Culture Hobbit Management - Captain of Defense Hobbit Management - Captain of Forests Hobbit Management - Captain of Magic Hobbit Management - Captain of Mining Hobbit Management - Captain of Science Hobbit Management - Captain of trading Kings Nobal Court
9 Assasination Catapults Counter Intelligence Dance Rituals Specialization Taming of Bears Sabotage Merciless Attacks Mathmatics of Strength Language - Orc Esthetics of Colours Advance Withdrawel Attack tactics - Robbery Attack tactics - withdraw III Fog Miracle of Green Emperors Territory Arrangements
10 Banking Diplomacy - Trade Embargo Counter Espionage Operations Siege Tower Tneding of Trees Village Celebrations Resource Sabotage Extermination Fires of Hell Transfer Spirit
11 Herbs Abbility II Science Sabotage Steal Knowledge Advance Training Construction Planning Control of Advance Magical Healing
12 Diplomacy - Defece pact Diplomacy - Friendship Great Wars Advance Counter espionage Operations Trebuchet Advance warehouse management
13 Diplomacy - Partnership and frienship and cooperation for peace and development Attack is Best Defence Defects is best Life Insurance
14 Advance Control of Magic
15 Flooding