Bg orc
Racial traits:

- 10% gold

+ 10% stone

+ 10% iron

+ 10% attack

+ 20% corruption

+ 25% research time

- 30% attack units training time

- 10% defence units training time

100 honor

attacking weaker tribes is possible from the start

Fauvorite terrain:


Orc race is an offencive race suitable for warlike players

Military Units:

  1. Horde of Orcs - weak unit only suitable for Warrior's Hold
  2. Orc Warrior - basic attack-defence unit small cost, upkeep and training time, still not usefull because it is better to get berserkers
  3. Berserkers - strong attack unit medium upkeep and average movement speed very fast training and very low cost, this is main orc unit
  4. Giant orcs - very powerfull attack unit on of the best ingame, but long training time and upkeep in culture means that you wont have much of them and there isnt any reason to train them berserkers are more effective
  5. Giant war elephant (shaman magic users only) - very powerfull attack unit with high upkeep and long training time, training requires totem pole, the must-have for shamanistic orcs


  1. War workshop - increases the combat effectiveness of orc troops by one level per level of the war workshop (max levels 3)
  2. Venom barracks - increases the level of your troops by one for each level of your venom barracks (max level 2)
  3. Hut of Muse - science building recomended to get as fast as possible


  1. Black - orcs are most effective with this type of magic due to high attack bonuses it gives
  2. Shamanism - not so good as black magic but you will get the ability to train giant war elephants
  3. White - not availiable for orcs