Bg hobbit
Racial Traits:

+ 15% food

+ 10% wood

+ 10% culture

+ 5% gold

-10% attack

-30% corruption

can learn two sciences at a time

Favourite terrain:



Hobbits are mainly for peacefull player, but can sometimes be chosen by agressive players too, due to good resource production

Military Units:

  1. Mound Guard - basic hobbit unit defence only, it is better to use slingers or legends
  1. Slinger - strongest unit hobbits have both defence attack purpose


  1. Laboratory - increases both science and culture production, recommended to get as soon as possible
  2. Academy of skirmish - increases your troops level for one level for each level of the academy (max level 2)
  1. Forging mill - possession of a mill allows you increase the level of your troops by one
  1. Granary - increases the maximum amount of food that can be stored in city also increases culture income
  1. Hobbit stash - hobbit stashes allow hobbits to protect up to 10 000 resources per level from invading looters
  1. Hobbit traps - increase the troop strength required to conquer the village by 50% per level of trap, also increases defence bonus
  1. Tavern - benefits both spirit and culture, which offsets its negative effects on defense, food, and gold, in addition reduces defence bonus (in some situations it can actually be used to your advantage, see giving and immediatly retaking village)
  1. Vineyards - increase food, spirit and culture production
  1. Winery - decreases food but increases gold income


Black Magic: Pretty effective for a hobbit, since hobbit units are some of the weakest and slowest in the game. Best for an offensive hobbit.

White magic: Allows you to compensate for your slowness easily by giving you many speed increasing spells. Unfortunatly does not boost your ability of offense.

Shamanism: Great for an ecomically building hobbit, giving the potential for speed, economic growth, attack and defense power, and stronger units. Shaman trip becomes invaluable here for learning sciences quickly.


Hobbits start off knowing Human Elf and Hobbit languages.

Special sciences they can get include Cunningness of Hobbits.

Note: considering military units for a hobbit player it is better to buy units from other players