Activate plus-peace when you see an attack coming to your village, the best next move will be to deactivate peace mode when enemy goes offline and attack him then wait for one hour and turn on peace mode again, so when your enemy goes online he is innable to strike back


  • Palace maximum level 5
  • No attacks or spells casted in last hour.
  • Empire contains less than 5 leaders
  • Empires with military alliances contains less than 3 leaders
  • Empires within guild contains no associate leaders

Note: you may activate the feature and get logged out, but it will be effective when hour is elapsed from your last attack.


  • All your attacks, espionage operations, new spells to and from your villages are not possible.
  • After activating Plus: peace you will be automatically logged out and you can not login for 6 hours.
  • Your attacking units won't trained nor they won't start training progress.
  • Palace building progress can't start (nor finished).
  • Your resource production is reduced by 20%, and consumption by 10%.

Note: before activating peace mode start training military forces, because while you are in peace mode you can train only defencive units (defence value higher then attack), but the units that were ordered before will be trained

Note 2: this tactic is very widespread