This is aggresive defence tactis (best suitable for black magic users) should be used if you see conquering attack cming to your village that you cant beat in normal way, described in steps:

  1. Burn all defence structures (walls, castle, wachtower etc)
  2. Cast spells sacrifice, ceremonies, celebration
  3. Send your army to the village wich is closer to the one that is being attacked
  4. After enemy conquers your village send full force attack with all spells on just taken village


first 3 steps should be made when attack is close to hit this will make sure that enemy wont notice population change and spells being cast


  1. requires you to have at least 6-8 villages (in case that enemy sends multiple attacks)
  2. requires you to be online

Possible enemy actions:

  1. Cancell attack (if you act accordingly to the note this wont happen)
  2. Send army to village of origin (spell listed above decrease movement speed so it will take really long time for them to reach home, use it for your advantage start attacking his villages before his army arrives)
  3. Immediatly attack your other city (spells listed above also reduce attack power so his attack wont do much harm just cast defencive spells and you'll beat him)
  4. He just stays in village he conquered (best scenario for you use step 4)


your power need to be atleast 40 % of attackers to succesfully use this tactic