Bg dwarf
Race Traits:

+ 20% iron

+ 20% stone

- 30% spirit

+ 10% gold

20% faster constructing speed

Fauvorite terrains:





Dwarven race is very powerfull race for experienced players, has the best military unit in game, but is not good at magic

Military Units:

  1. Axemen - medium powered unit, fast training and low upkeep, but very slow movement, better to skip this unit and go research Masters of Axe
  2. Masters of Axe - very powerfull unit suitable for both defence and attack, medium upkeep and training time, slow movement, one of the best game units


  1. Dwarven Library - science building, recomended to get as soon as possible
  2. Dwarf Blast Furnace - greatly increases iron production
  3. Dwarf Monument - significantly increases culture production
  4. Dwarf Armory - increases your troops level by one level per armory level (max level 3)
  5. House of red beard - house can increase the level of dwarf troops by one for every level of the house (max level 2)
  6. Underground Warehouse - can hold up to 30 000 resources per level.


  1. Shamanism - probably the best choice because it has spell increasing movement speed (wings), and totem pole (spirituall building) has 10 levels (while other magic ways buildings have only 8) wich can somehow compensate decreasement in spirit income
  2. White - dwarves are quite good with white magic (it also has movement speed increase spell)
  3. Black - also can be chosen but due to lack of low level movement speed increase spell combat will be problematic at the begining