There arent such a "complicated" tactics for attacking as for defence, but there are still some things players need to know and to do:

  1. Most succesfull attacks are done when defender is offline, due to his inability to do anything, so try to hit enemy when he is offline
  2. When making pillage attacks take honor changes into consideration, if you get too much negative honor it will cause serious problems
  3. Also on pillaging attack approximately calculate your losses to see whether the plunder you get outweights losses or no
  4. Do not use spells that decrease resource production on cities that you are going to conquer
  5. Do not forget to use spells wich increase your attack power
  6. Keep an eye open for sudden population changes in city you are attacking, and the spells being cast to avoid traps and defenders giving and retaking village tactic
  7. It is best to plant spies in cities you are attacking, espeacially if your enemy is close to you in strengh or overpowers you
  8. Dont forget that when you attack player of the same race you get penalty to your attack power (-30%)
  9. Before attacking check whether your enemy is in guild or has strong allies (military agreement or higher)

Note 1: some players consider first advice to be "unfair" or "honorless" but is killing ever fair? :)

Note 2: if you are trapped then only way out is to send resources in village you are traped in, and immediatly send forces out, sometimes it is better to switch to dodge tactic to make sure enemy doesnt destroy your forces in trapped village

Note 3: if you defender succesfully used giving and retaking village tactic it is better to cast movement increasement spell and get your forces out of the village they have conquered, of course this means giving it back to defender but it is better to save your army, you'll be able to take that vilage again if you save forces, but best counter measure to that tactic is not getting caught, so use spies

Note 4: Try to conquer the village enemy has sent his forces from because if you conquer it then enemy units returning to it will become yours

Volkovs notes:

One fairly easy tactic is the fly by attack. Which involves using a fast unit like dragons and attacking an enemy while using careful and withdraw if city is not conqurable. Since the attack will never be able to conqure (No generals or FLE) your dragons will always retreat after the first round of combat, resulting in damage for the enemy. Buildings such as herbal garden and increased movement spells helps this attack tactic out